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May 25, 2020

Welcome to Yellowdeuce.com!! This site formerly known as AINIAN.COM was the creation of Dick Wyzanski and Bill Armstrong in  2009. The entire history of this website; which started with Dave Terralavoro’s hand printed and subscription only Fanzine, in 1990; is amply covered in the existing content of the original site, which we are glad to present in it’s entirety.  Simply put; Dick Wyzanski’s extraordinary effort, resulted in the most comprehensive archive of Jeff Beck’s long and illustrious career . There have been four books written about Jeff’s career, three of which Mr. Beck did NOT participate in. AINIAN.COM has been cited in all four publications; as resource material. We are proud to carry on Dick’s legacy. Jeff honored Dick by mentioning AINIAN.COM in his book BECK01 and again on his official website JEFFBECK.COM upon Dick’s passing.


2019 is the last time Mr. Beck played for an audience in the United States. He was scheduled to play Eric Claptons Crossroads Festival in Dallas, Texas on Septembere 20-21 st, then added  5 more dates leading up to his long anticipated reunion with Rod Stewart on September 27, 2019 at the Hollywood Bowl. I believe the recording of Crossroads is now available. Unfortunately, Mr. Beck left his stellar band of Rhonda Smith on Bass Guitar, Vinnie Colaiuta  on Drums, and Vanessa Freebairn-Smith  on Cello, behind for the  performance with Rod. It was all business for Mr. Beck. Get paid, Plug in and Play!!!


Our last update to the site is when "Isolation" was released on April 16, 2020; just a month after the Covid-19 Pandemic was starting to grip the world and the United States in it’s deadly vice. Mr. Beck had been scheduled to play 10 dates in England in May 2020. Those were cancelled and scheduled for May 2021 for the exact same dates. BOOM!! Second wave in Europe…………The same dates are once again reserved for 2022 and we can only assume a short tour of the United States will follow.


I will take editorial license and say unequivocally that Jeff Beck will return to play for us once again." The Boy Can’t Help It" !!!


That said, we don’t have much to tell about the very private  Mr. Beck during this unprecedented time in our modern history. It isn’t exactly a prolific news environment for Arts and Entertainment as it were. But we have an endless amount of material via the Internet that was not available years ago, when Dick wrote letters to people who’s names were on the back of album liners; hoping to get a response!!!


We will present the best of what we have collected to keep this archive current.