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January 14, 2004

Well let's see, we've got a whole bunch of stuff that sort of accumulated over the holidays. As we've had on the marquee for a while Jeff is now playing two nights at the Royal Albert Hall, June 23rd and 24th. Haven't heard any other details yet though.

We got a letter a while ago from Scott Swanson asking if Jeff had done a tune called "Look Out Mabel" with Robert Plant recently. We told him the answer is yes and that is will be released on an upcoming 'Big Town Playboys' release. It's called 'Roll The Dice', go to; http://www.bigtownplayboys.com/BTP_Album.htm for more info. In fact here's a little sample;
Look Out Mabel.

We also got word lately from 'Carol'(sorry Carol, don't know your last name)of a Jeff Beck Group siting in a new DVD called "The Howlin' Wolf Story". She says at 57:24 in there's a silent clip of the Jeff Beck Group MKI with Jeff, Rod, Ron and Tony Newman on drums. She says, and is right, that this is the first time she's seen that lineup on film. We're guessing it must be someone's private footage.

Hey! In the February 2004 Issue of 'Guitar One', Jeff was listed as the #1 Greatest Superstar of the Stratocaster! This out of a field of 50 in the article. Thanks Karen T.

Over the holidays we got this letter from 'Skippy', the guy who gave Jeff a FDNY jacket at the 9/11 show at B.B. King's. We thought we would share his letter with you.

R/R & Hello
Your webpage is most informative I devour every word
and try to go real slow as to not miss a beat on the Jeff Beck 
scene.  My name is Pete Scipilliti -a.k.a- 'Skippy' from Engine 255 F.D.N.Y.
I presented Jeff with the long (F.D.N.Y.) dress coat at the 9/11
concert, I'm glad he showed his appreciation for the "bravest"
by wearing the coat at the end of the show and spoke some kind
words to mark the somber occasion.
But his spirit and music that nite were anything but somber, 
in fact it was full blown Beck at his best with Bozzio and Hymas
to melt the house down.
My thanks to 'Lilly' the owner's wife of B.B. Kings for giving me a ticket to
see the show, I tried for a month to get a ticket but was shutout due to the
rare performance - people outside were scalping tickets for over $200 - a little
too steep for my pocket - but just when I was giving up on not getting in, 'Lilly'
spotted me out front and said: "Here's a ticket, the FD deserves a good time tonite!" - 
wow! and I did, I went back stage, took a picture with him, and he gave me his new CD,
"Jeff" and signed it for me.  That's when I took the coat off my back and said, "This
coat has been to alot of funerals and alot of my buddies who loved your music are
not here today but in their memory I give you this coat for all of them tonite.
He's a great guy and I know that coat is safe and in good hands.
P.S. - I know there's a CD out now of the show, 'Beck Live' but will there
be a video coming out soon of that show?
- Keep up the good work and peace be with you- 
        Peter Scipilliti - F.D.N.Y.

Well we're going to keep plugging away here...look in JBB #11 for Dick's report on the Nordoff-Robbins Rock Therapy sessions.

January 22, 2004

Boy do we feel dumb....that's nothing new. Last update we told you about Jeff being voted number one superstar or something of the Stratocaster in Guitar One. Well we have to admit, we've never seen the article, not sure if we've ever seen the magazine period. Anyway, it turns out that the reason Jeff was #1 on the list is because the list is in alphabetical order....that would explain why Zappa is #50!

We really shouldn't even mention this since again, we haven't seen the magazine, but we understand Jeff has been voted by readers of Vintage Guitar Magazine into their Hall of Fame. On the other hand it's probably the only guitar mag we can think of that Jeff has never been featured in.

It seems that the soft spot in Jeff's heart for firefighters goes back a little longer than we found about in Skippy's letter last update. On the Sony board someone who was at one of Jeff's shows at the Shepard's Bush Empire back in '99, recounted the following. "There was a terrible train crash in West London (it has since become known as the Padding Rail disaster) perhaps a week before the gig where 31 people died and about 400 plus were injured. When Jeff came out for his encore ('Where Were You') he said he doesn't normally do this, but that night he wanted to dedicate the next song to his childhood mate 'John' who was sitting in the balcony section. He said, "John is a fireman and has tirelessly worked at the crash site with his colleagues." Jeff then made the comment, "I just play guitar but John is the real hero." A huge round of applause was given to John by everyone in the crowd."

February 17, 2004

British tour dates just announced....here's the official press release.


This Summer, one of the world's greatest electric guitarists, Jeff Beck,
undertakes his first UK tour since 1990.  Fresh from the success of picking
up his fourth Grammy award, the ground-breaking guitarist promises a set
that reflects the eclectic musical mix that is his trademark.

From mixing rock and jazz to produce seminal albums like 'Blow By Blow' and
'Wired' to incorporating eastern, classical and blues influences, you can
expect innovative visits to his extensive back catalogue as well as
revealing glimpses to his next project featuring a string section.

Tickets for all non-London shows (Royal Albert Hall shows already on sale)
go on sale this Friday 20th February at 9:00am

JUNE 2004              BOX OFFICE
Fri 18th           Manchester, Carling Apollo     0870 401 8000
Sat 19th           Glasgow, Clyde Auditorium      0870 040 4000
Sun 20th           Newcastle, City Hall           0191 261 2606
Wed 23rd           London, Royal Albert Hall      020 7838 3101
Thu 24th           London, Royal Albert Hall      020 7838 3101
Sat 26th           Bristol, Colston Hall          0117 922 3683
Sun 27th           Warwick Arts Centre            02476 524 524
Mon 28th           Portsmouth Guildhall           023 9280 4355

24 hr Ticket Hotline tel 0870 735 5000 and www.bookingsdirect.com
(agency & credit card bookings subject to booking fee)

For further information: www.jeffbeck.com
We haven't heard who is going out with Jeff on the tour, when we find out we'll let you know.

Don't forget 'Rides' tonight on TLC....the previews look cool and the car Roy Brizio built for Jeff is wild.

Jools Holland has another 'Later' DVD out. This one features a couple of the numbers with Tom Jones that Jeff did New Years 2003.

Lastly, this come from both Rolling Stone and Billboard's websites...Toots (Hibbert) and the Maytals have a new CD coming out April 6th. Toots has been a headlining reggae artist for decades and his new CD "True Love" features a host of British rock royalty including Jeff. Along with Jeff, who performs on "54-46 Was My Number", the CD also has Eric Clapton and Keith Richards guesting. Again look for it April 6th.

March 16, 2004

Just a few quick things....it's been pretty quiet. We loved Jeff on 'Rides' on TLC a couple of weeks ago....all 54 seconds! All the Roy Brizzio stuff was cool, amazing how they make those rods.

There have been some rumours that Jeff might perform at Eric Clapton's 'Crossroads' concert, June 4th through the 6th at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. Well from what we've heard Eric did ask Jeff to do the show. Jeff's reply, "I'll try." But as far as we know Jeff will be in rehearsals for his June British tour during that period.

Lastly in our internet wanderings came across this very short item involving Jeff....thought we'd pass it on. Here's the site; http://www.michaelbettell.com/rcms/news/getStory/7.

March 29, 2004

This just in from our friend Toshi in Japan. EMI UK is re-releasing 'Beck-Ola' May 10, 2004 in Europe. The album has been 24 bit digitally remastered and will include bonus track. Included is a 16 page booklet with pictures from the era by Robert Knight and a new interview with Jeff by Charles Shaar. Here's the whole EMI press release.
produced by Mickie Most
24 bit digitally remastered with 4 bonus tracks & 16 page booklet.
release date: 2004 May 10 (Europe)

1.All Shook Up
2.Spanish Boots
3.Girl From Mill Valley
4.Jailhouse Rock
6.The Hangman's Knee
7.Rice Pudding
8.Sweet Little Angel
9.Throw Down Up
10.All Shook Up
11.Jailhouse Rock

1-7:Recorded at De Lane Lea on April 1969
8:Recorded at Mirasound New York USA on November 19, 1968
9:Recorded at Trident Studios London on February 7, 1969
10:Recorded at Abbey Road on January 8, 1969 by Ken Scott assisted by Alan
   Done again at Trident on January 28, 1969 before third and final album
11:Probably eary version done on 4 track tape at De Lane Lea in early April

Also been getting questions about Jeff appearing in the BBC series 'Stella Street'. All of this occured some time ago and as we've mentioned before Jeff is close friends with the show's producer Peter Richardson who, by the way was working on a Jeff Beck documentary a while back. Some of Jeff's music and Jeff himself have cameoed in the show.

April 30, 2004

Here's the lastest press release out concerning Jeff's UK dates.

Jan Hammer will join Jeff Beck for all of his UK dates in June.
Although Jan has contributed to most of Jeff's albums since 'Wired' and they have
toured together many times in the USA and Japan, they only ever played one date in
the UK.  Probably best known for his 90 episodes of Miami Vice music, he burst into
the limelight with The Mahavishnu Orchestra, also featuring John McLaughlin and Billy
Cobham, and went on to be a major film composer as well as writing for Jeff ( they
won a Grammy for the track 'Escape').  
Jeff is thrilled that at long last they will be performing together again on these
very special dates.
Sounds pretty cool!

Also let's see...what do we have. There was a rumor floating around a while back that Jeff would be touring with John McLaughlin this summer. We've heard it won't happen.

Jeff received a Fender Lifetime Achievement Award in Frankfurt, Germany on April 2, 2004. Fender says it for 'artists who have played a significant part in making the Fender Stratocaster the worldwide success that it is.' Here's a pic;

Jeff receiving his Fender Lifetime Achievement Award in Frankfurt, Germany.

Jeff has been busy. On April 1st,the day before he received his award in Germany, he took part in the Jools Holland charity show at London's Royal Albert Hall. The show was in aid the Teenage Cancer Trust. Jeff joined Jools and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra for 'Drown In My Own Tears' and 'Strolling The Bones'. He also guested on Solomon Burke's 'Mabel', 'Message To My Son' and 'Cry To Me'. He also shared the stage with Tom Jones for 'Be Bop A Lula'. Other notables there were Ronnie Wood, David Gilmour and Chrissie Hynde. This is the fourth year that the Royal Albert Hall has hosted the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts. The event is the brainchild of Roger Daltry.

Another worthy charity event is occuring this weekend. 'Drumming Up Hope' is an event in memory of Michael Bettell, an aquaintance of Jeff's (his folk's used to run the Rock Robin Inn near Jeff's home), who passed away recently. For more info go www.drumminguphope.com.

May 7, 2004

A quick couple of things. First we heard that Jeff was invited by Eric Clapton to appear at his Crossroads Guitar Festival at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas June 4th, 5th and 6th some time ago. The answer by Jeff as we told you was, "I'll try." We had speculated that Jeff might still be in rehearsals for his June tour of the UK but he heard this week the ten days of rehearsals have wrapped up and we guess barring any last minute changes Jeff will be at the CGF on Sunday, June 6th. He is listed on the bill for that day that appears at www.crossroadsguitarfestival.com. So who will Jeff be playing with? If it's the CGF house band it should be pretty cool since it's Booker T. and the MG's!

We've also heard who is rounding out the rest of Jeff and Jan's UK touring band. The Modesir brothers Marc and Mike. We all saw Marc playing drums with Jeff during the 'Red, White And Blues' sessions with Tom Jones and Lulu. He also played on John McLaughlin's 'The Promise' album that included Jeff's duet with John 'Django'. Bass playing brother Mike has worked with Billy Cobham and former James Brown horn player Fred Wesley. Material on the tour will of course feature a sampling of Jeff's catalog as well as some new material from Jan.

May 11, 2004

Well it seems Jeff's appearance at the Crossroads Guitar Festival on June 6th is not set in stone as it were. We're not saying he isn't doing it, just that at this point his name on the bill at www.crossroadsguitarfestival.com could be the result of overzealous PR people. We should have definate news by the end of this week. If Jeff does do it we understand he will just be sitting in with Eric and his band for a few numbers. Also, the concert or portions of it are going to be broadcast on Sirius satellite radio.

Secondly, that second Hendrix tribute CD has come out and Jeff's version of 'The Wind Cries Mary' with Seal isn't on it. Instead is a version done by Sting. Rumour had it that a special vinyl release of the album might Jeff and Seal's 'Mary' but we've been assured that won't be happening. We don't know when if ever we'll be hearing that one.

Oh, and remember that 'Drumming Up Hope' charity event we told you about in our April 30th update? The event was in memory of the late Michael Bettell, a friend of Jeff's, and everyone was thrilled that Jeff took time out to show up! Here's a pic of Jeff at the event with Michael's son Ollie. More photos of the event are at www.drumminguphope.com in the gallery section. Cheers!

May 14, 2004

Here's the bit of Eric's announcement today that is of specific interest to us, it's self explanatory. Just remember to note the last line.

                (in order of appearance)
                Neal Schon
                Steve Vai
                Larry Carlton
                Sonny Landreth
                Pat Metheny
                John McLaughlin
                Robert Cray Band
                Jimmie Vaughan Band with Hubert Sumlin and David Johansen
                Booker T & the MG's
                Bo Diddley/David Hidalgo/Joe Walsh
                Vince Gill
                James Taylor (with Joe Walsh)
                BB King with Jimmie Vaughan
                Buddy Guy with Jimmie Vaughan
                Carlos Santana
                Eric Clapton (with Jeff Beck)
                ZZ Top (with Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck)

NOTE: This is a preliminary artist and performance schedule and is subject
to change. For more information, please visit

June 10, 2004

Well to say a few people were disappointed in the Crossroads Guitar Festival as far as Jeff Beck's appearance was concerned would be a gross understatement. We've got letters from folks who traveled a mighty long way to see him perform ONE SONG! The deal was that everything was running a little late (big surprise when you have 1,000 acts on the bill) and Jeff ended up only performing 'Cause We Ended As Lovers' with Eric and Eric's band. ZZ Top followed Clapton but their set was cut short due to weather and the final jam with ZZ, Eric and Jeff never happened. So like we said lots of disappointed Beck fans, don't know how Jeff took it. By the way if you belong to the 'Jeff Beck Appreciation Society' on Yahoo you can download that one song. It's a good recording, don't think the backing was too great, Jeff played well but this humble reporters opinion is that when Eric soloed he came in a little over the top. Here a couple of pics that were sent to us from noted Texas guitar maker Ron Frey who is making Jeff a 'NoCaster' guitar which is replica of a Fender Broadcaster but made out of Japanese 'Empresswood'.

Jeff and some folks.

Jeff and Eric.

The support act for Jeff's upcoming UK tour has been announced...Amy Wadge, a UK singer-songwriter. You can learn more at www.amywadge.com.

As we have posted on our marquee, an interview with Jeff will air on the BBC's Radio 2 on July 15th (Postponed from June 17th). It's an hour long and hosted by Paul Jones (yes that Paul Jones ....Manfred Mann, 'The Dog Presides'). It will be posted for your hearing pleasure for a week after it airs at www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/.

One operations note for everyone. As you know Jeff's tour starts in the UK on June 18th. Usually we would get set lists and show reports to you ASAP. Problem is the working half of this outfit (as opposed to the brains) is leaving for London early June 19th and most likely won't get a chance to post anything before he leaves. Fear not though, on return he will have a full report. In the meantime check out the JBAS or Sony BBS's for the latest. Cheerio!

July 17, 2004

First update in a while, make sure you check out JBB #11 for the London story (like you already haven't). Well that BBC Radio 2 interview of Jeff by Paul Jones never aired. The website and an assistant we emailed said the same thing, "circumstances beyond our control". Not sure what that means. Did someone erase the tape or file or something? The London office chucked it up to perhaps an "editorial decision" at the BBC from which we can infer that this was a move made entirely by the BBC and had nothing to do with Jeff. Either way it sucks. Hope the interview will surface in the future.

In other news....the Mojo Magazine with the boys is out, haven't seen it yet. The Big Town Playboys new CD with Jeff is due out soon. Look for it on Mi5 Records. Also a DVD about George Martin coming out which features an on camera interview with Jeff, look for that.

August 31, 2004

Well we haven't updated in a while. We've both, Dick and Bill that is, been on vacation, moving, you know summer stuff. Anyway wasn't that Karen Thompto stuff from Bristol cool? Liked that one.

This just in. We got an email from Jamie Crompton over the weekend. Jamie's the artist relations manager for Fender in Europe. He told us Jeff has confirmed his appearance at the Fender 50th Anniversary Strat concert to be held September 24th at London's Wembley Arena. The concert is to benefit the Nordiff-Robbins Music Therapy charity. It is almost certain too that Jan Hammer will be onstage with Jeff and we have learned that they will be performing a tribute to Jimi Hendrix by playing "The Wind Cries Mary" with Paul Rodgers on vocals!

We were all a little surprised by the August Mojo cover. From the pre-release hype we thought both Jeff and Jim would be on the cover. I think some folks in London thought that too. Anyway the Jeff and Jim article was cool, didn't know Jeff played with the Tornadoes. Too bad it was just a sidebar to Jim and LED ZEPPELIN.

Remember how BBC2 ended up not airing Jeff's interview by Paul Jones a couple of months ago? Well get this, we checked out the BBC2 Radio website a couple of weeks ago and they were hyping an upcoming interview with 'Beck', you know, that other guy from California. Well guess what they were calling their 'intimate portrait' with 'Beck'....Beckology!!! Like our friend Cathy who first brought this to our attention said, "Hey BBC2, try to be more original, that title's already taken!" Oh yeah, and air that Jeff Beck interview already!

From jeffbeck.com...Jeff's "My Thing", with the lovely Nancy Sorrell on vocals, will be featured in the new movie "Paparazzi".

We hear there's a new Yardbird's DVD on Rhino Records out. Features live performances and several interviews with Jeff.

More on the Joe Cocker CD "Heart And Soul". European release date is September 27, 2004, won't be released in the U.S. until January 29, 2005 (huh?). Like we said Jeff will be on the track "I Who Have Nothing". A little background on the song...it was a 1963 hit for Ben E. King, written by Leiber and Stoller. Tom Jones did a cover of it in 1970 that was also a hit. It has also been covered by Terry Knight And The Pack.

November 11, 2004

Wow, we haven't updated in over two months! There are a bunch of reasons; first, things on the Jeff Beck front have been a little slow. Down here in Florida we had a month worth of hurricanes, one every weekend! Then the World Series, THE RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES! And then the election kept Bill busy for weeks, so there.

Now to get up to date, I'm sure we're going to forget something. I'll try to do this in chronological order. Remember a couple of months ago when Jeff went to the Crossroads Music Festival? We mentioned that there was a backstage jam tent and Jeff played with Eric and ZZ Top. Turns out according to an article in Vintage Guitar magazine that someone taped Jeff's jam with ZZ Top that was said to be 'smokin'. Hope this turns up! But the official DVD of the Crossroads Concerts has just been released and Jeff's one song isn't on it! This even though Guitar Player Magazine said Jeff's 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers' was one of the highlights of the weekend. Typical.

As we mentioned on the marquee, Jeff guests on two recent releases...Joe Cocker's CD 'Heart And Soul' as mentioned above and on Tom Jones' new CD on the track "Life's Too Short To Be With You". We've also just learned that the Big Town Playboys new CD "Roll The Dice", which features Jeff with Robert Plant was released in Europe on November 8th and is getting some airplay over there. It's listed at www.amazon.co.uk .

Jeff appearance at the 50th Anniversary Fender Stratocaster show at Wembley Arena never happened. This even though we got an email from Fender's European artist relations guy saying he would appear. We've heard a bunch of stories about this. Originally Jeff was supposed to play 'The Wind Cries Mary' with Paul Rodgers and Jan Hammer. This supposedly fell through when Jan couldn't make it. Some rumours about him not liking to fly which might be true, we don't know. Jan however did appear the following weekend at a 20th Anniversay Miami Vice Convention in Miami Beach, Florida. Not only was Jan at the convention, he was also signing copies of his 20th Anniversary Miami Vice CD at a local record shop. So, then we heard Jeff might appear with Hank Marvin, then that fell through too, so who knows. On another note we heard that Jeff was going to appear at Rod Stewart's recent gig at the Royal Alber Hall. Quite honestly, we never thought that would happen and it didn't. But, in the latest Rolling Stone Rod says that he, Jeff and Ron Wood did actually rehearse for the gig together doing some of the 'old numbers'! Jeff however called Rod two days before the show and and said he couldn't make it. Rod also mentioned he might be doing something with Jeff and Ron in the future. Will they reunite? Who knows but as we've recently learned Cream is reuniting for a series of shows at the Royal Albert Hall next year so maybe nostalgia will be the 'thing' next year.


Speaking of magazines...Jeff was the cover boy on a recent 'Guitar Techniques'. The English mag detailed (or tried to) how Jeff plays 'Nadia'. Speaking of Nadia, we finally picked up the DVD version of 'Red, White And Blues' and that extra track of Jeff showing the boys how he plays 'Nadia' was quite enjoyable.

Oh, someone sent us a link to a cool interview with Imogen Heap where she talks alot about Jeff. Here tis': http://www.musicstreetjournal.com/froufrouint.htm.

Got kind of a cryptic note from the London office saying we might hear by the end of the week about Jeff appearing on a UK television show this Sunday. If we get the full details we'll pass them along.

Lastly, I keep thinking I've forgotten something but anyway, check out the new addition to JBB #12. We've assembled a bunch of emails we've gotten from folks associtated with Jeff and his career, you might get a kick out of it.

This is a late addition.....we just heard from London that Jeff taped a performance for TV on Thursday, November 11th. He performed at the UK Music Hall of Fame Awards at the Hackney Empire, London in a tribute to Bob Marley. He played the Marley track "Is This Love" with the UK singer Beverly Knight. Marley was one of the 5 "founder members" of the UK Music Hall of Fame to be inducted at the first ever ceremony of the awards Thursday night and his award was accepted by Rita Marley. The awards will be televised on Channel 4 in the UK on Sunday, November 14th at 9:00PM GMT. http://channel4.com/entertainment/tv/microsites/H/halloffame/decade50s.html

December 1, 2004

Not much to report, things are pretty slow. This will proably be the last update for 2004 and then we can start a 'What's New' 2005!

First off Levi Blackman sent us this link to an article by Steve Rosen where he mentions the first time he met Jeff Beck. Here tis.... http://www.cricketsoda.com/stuff/stories/stevenrosen/musicjourfeature/index.php . A little background on Steve. He was one of the first people we know of to publish a book on Jeff. It came out in the 1980's if I remember right, only problem in was published in Japan and in of course Japanese. We have had a copy since it came out, great pictures in it. Later Seymour Duncan was kind enough to send us an English translastion of the text in the book. Anyway, the article is cool. Oh and please don't ask for a copy of the English translation. The book was never authorized by Jeff to be released in Japan let alone the states. It seems there are several inaccuracies in the book and some comments by Jeff and others were taken out of context.

We've been hearing from some folks who bought the Tom Jones/Jools Holland CD that was supposed to have Jeff playing on the cut "Life's Too Short To Be With You". Jeff isn't listed on the CD and we've heard it doesn't sound like Jeff is playing on it either. Don't know what happened there.

As we mentioned on the marquee, all merchandise at jeffbeck.com is 30% off until Christmas, Ho, Ho, Ho.

Lastly, just got a nice note from our pal Robert Knight who just opened a new studio at Third Encore in Burbank, California with his wife Maryanne. And who should he run into over in Burbank but Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood who were in town rehearsing for Rod's show at the Hollywood Bowl. Robert asked them if they'd seen the new re-issue of 'Beck-Ola' that features a bunch of pictures that he had taken of them back when they were in the Jeff Beck Group. They said, "No" so Robert gave them his copy. They both really got off on how young they looked and Ronnie said he still had the clothes from the night some of the pictures were taken! Suddenly Rod turned to Ronnie and said, "I don't think we ever got paid for these sessions!" Hah! Like these guys need the money!

December 14, 2004

Gee and we thought the last update would be the last for the year. We were wrong. Jeff's on Imogen Heap's latest release 'Goodnight and Go'. You can download it (for 79p) at www.imogenheap.co.uk . As the website says Jeff comes in during the middle section and plays out.

Jeff is also guesting on Zucchero Fornaciari's lastest CD "ZU & CO.". Macy Gray is also on the song and to our knowledge has only been released in Italy.

We've heard Jeff was supposed to be on that Tom Jones/Jools Holland CD. He isn't. Just to prove I'm not crazy (in reporting this originally) check out this article; http://news.scotsman.com/features.cfm?id=1094382004 ...16th paragraph.

Lastly Ronnie Wood is displaying his latest artwork at The Theatre Royal in London this Christmas season.

December 28, 2004

Well, this will definately be the last update of '04. We heard from Jennifer Batten over the holiday. She's off to the far east for a while. China, Austrailia, Japan and New Zealand.

We told you last time about Ron Wood's art display at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane last time. Seems he's also playing some music there. The Daily Express reported that Ron told them he would also be playing a 'little set' there every Sunday with his mates. He said he had lined up Jeff along with Van Morrison and the Stereophonics for the gig. We'll see. Ron also opened a second art exhibition in London's Cork Street.

Our friend Robert Knight was recently interviewed by stratcollector.com. Check out this link; http://www.stratcollector.com/newsdesk/archives/000294.html

Oh, and check this out it seems someone who bought a Bucket-T that Jeff once owned is selling it on ebay.
Only 15,000 pounds and it hasn't sold so far. Wonder if it's the Bucket-T he ran into a ditch in '69?

Our friend Gareth Howell sent us this item. It seems the British guitar mag 'Guitar Techniques' (GT) had the following blurb in it's January 2005 issue.

Martin Taylor fans were stunned last month when none other than Jeff Beck appeared to duet
with the GT tutor. Beck joined Taylor onstage at his show at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre
to play together in front of an astonished audience. The surprise performance was the
result of a chance meeting between Taylor and Beck backstage at the Royal Festival Hall.
Martin had been doing a gig with Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings, and Ronnie Wood
introduced him to Beck, who, it transpired, had been a fan of Martin’s for a few years.
Jeff said he would like the two of them to play together, and by lucky coincidence,
Martin had a gig at the Bloomsbury Theatre the following week. Following rehearsals at
Jeff’s house the day before the gig, the pair ended up performing duets of ‘Cause We’ve
Ended As Lovers, and Taylor’s Cocomo - and the audience were thrilled!’
Pretty cool.

There was a press report in Britian that Jeff was recording at Abbey Road for the Scotty Moore tribute project. However the press for the performance that was recorded over two days there for an upcoming DVD made no mention of Jeff. One funny thing about the taping of the show. It actually took two days to tape in front of a live exclusive audience. We're told the audience was instructed they had to attend both days and wear the same clothes for continuity.

We like to check out the site www.wireimage.com every so often. We plug in "jeff beck" just to see if anything pops up. Seems Jeff attended the press screening of 'Churchill-The Hollywood Years' last month whatever that is.

Our friend Danilo from Italy sent us the new Zucchero cast of thousands (including a track with John Lee Hooker before he died) lp Zucchero and Co.. Jeff is on the track "Like The Sun" which features a revolving vocal duet by Zucchero and Macy Gray. The tune is very Dylanesque (Zucchero sings in English) and is about doing everything in life to the fullest until one bursts with whatever. Speaking of bursting Jeff Beck did just that with a fiery short solo clearly verifying what we heard from London that he really liked the song. For those of you that heard the last Zucchero session released in 96 "Papa Perce'" and thought it was nice but not a standout go grab this session. It sizzles!

Lastly for 2004 check out our latest edition to Jeff Beck Bulletin #12 and our take on the UK Hall Of Fame Awards. Happy New Year!

Be Seeing You....