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November 11, 2016

Boy, got to remember how to do this. Sorry but I've been totally out of the loop. I want to thank you all for the condolences over the past few months and I also want to thank Sid Johnson, Ed Chapero, Eric Mirell and JP Lamon for their support.

Jeff was in Japan at the Classic Rock Magazine Awards show Friday, November 11th at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Arena in Tokyo. First YouTube video...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6Lh9XDstO8. As we've mentioned Jeff also has some tour dates in Japan after the first of the year. Here they are again with one new date.


Jeff's mini European tour ended October 30th at the O2 Arena in London. That show was part of the three day 'Bluesfest' concerts. Jeff co-headlined the final night with Van Morrison. Also featured at the Bluesfest was Bad Company, Richie Sambora and Bill Wyman's 80th birthday concert that featured Mark Knopfler, Bob Geldof, Imelda May and Mick Hucknall. Lots of stars seen at Jeff's show...Jimmy Page, Roger Taylor, Steven Van Zandt, Richie Sambora and Kate Moss. Loads of YouTube videos which I'm sure you all know how the search for.

Setlists for the tour came in two varieties...the shows where the Bone's girls, Rosie and Carmen, were in the band and the ones where it was just Jeff, Rhonda, Jonathan and Jimmy. Turns out the girl's Bone's band has some conflicting dates with Jeff's tour so Jeff did those dates with the most stripped down line-up he's had in a while...and it was great!

Here's the Bones tour poster. You can see that Jeff did 'Boneless' shows in Paris and Brussels.


Jeff Beck Jimmy Hall Rhonda Smith Jonathan Joseph Carmen Vandenberg
Rosie Bones

Freeway Jam
The Revolution Will Be Televised (Rosie Bones in crowd w. megaphone)
Lonnie on the Move
Live in the Dark (Rosie Bones on voc.)
The Ballad of the Jersey Wives (Rosie Bones on voc.)
You Know You Know
Morning Dew (Jimmy Hall on voc.)
A Change Is Gonna Come (Jimmy Hall on voc.)
Big Block
Cause We've Ended as Lovers
O.I.L. (Can't Get Enough of That Sticky) (Rosie Bones on voc.)
Scared for the Children  (Rosie Bones on voc.)
Beck's Bolero
Shapes of Things (Jimmy Hall on voc.)
Rollin' and Tumblin' (Jimmy Hall on voc.)
Superstition (Jimmy Hall on voc.)
Right Now (Rosie Bones on voc.)
Little Brown Bird (Jimmy Hall on vocals and harp)
A Day in the Life
(Band Introduction after the Song)


Jeff Beck...............guitar
Jimmy Hall.............vocals and harp
Rhonda Smith........bass guitar
Jonathan Joseph...drums

1. Freeway Jam
2. Lonnie On The Move
3. Morning Dew
4. Little Wing
5. Even Odds
6.You Know, You Know
7. Shapes Of Things
8. A Change Is Gonna Come
9. Stratus
10. Over, Under Sideways Down
11. Blue Wind - Led Boots
12. Red House
13. People Get Ready
14. Big Block
15. Rollin' And Tumblin'
16. Superstition
17. A Day In The Life
18. Little Brown Bird
19. Going Down
We'll have our usual tour reports from the press and the fans in JBB #21 so look for them over there.

Now for some tidbits that have piled up over the past few months...
Good interview at the Huffington Post with Narada Michael Walden about his latest album 'Evolution'. He talks about Jeff and their love for the song 'The Long And Winding Road'....http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ragogna/evolution-and-silver-chat_b_8554850.html.

Frankie Valli has a new christmas album out, 'Tis The Seasons'. The track 'Merry Christmas Baby' features Jeff on guitar...check it out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8sUJmX7MIY.

An interview with Jeff from musicradar.com...was done to promote 'Loud Hailer'...talks about Rod, Ronnie and Strats...http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/jeff-beck-on-working-with-rod-stewart-and-ronnie-wood-and-his-unbreakable-bond-with-the-fender-strat-643131.

Speaking of 'Loud Hailer'...our friend Steve White sent along this tidbit...I'm not sure if you already were aware, but apparently Jeff's "Live in the Dark" is being used as the promo song for the upcoming season of "Vampire Diaries" on the CW cable network. I was scrolling across the channels tonight, and was blown away by hearing the song in the background during the promo commercial for the upcoming season. Nope, didn't know that...here's the promo..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGeL5tm_-eM.

Came across this curiosity last month...on YouTube a video entitled 'Jeff Beck playing MY guitar in MY Kitchen'. Sounds interesting let's look...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdb4l7tOnIg. This was posted by 'atticboy11'. On the page you'll notice he states that Jeff was at his house to buy something, that's it. If you go and look at atticboy11's other videos it seems he likes air raid sirens. Would Jeff buy an air raid siren? It seems all you could do with one would be to scare off birds or piss off your neighbors. Hmmm. Now comes the 'what would Dick do' moment. Further investigation of atticboy11's video gives us his name, Paul Lawrence and his email. Dick would have definitely contacted this guy to get the story. Am I? No.

Our past blast this time is really not too old. Taken a few years ago at rehearsals in London by our friend Peter Mackay, Jeff with his double-axe, the TeleStrat.

Be seeing you.

September 11, 2016

Dick Wyzanski
December 8, 1953 - September 7, 2016

Dick, Trini and Rich July 31, 2016
A tribute to his Dad from Richard Jr.
Dear Friends and Jeff Beck fan community. This is Richard Jr. and I am writing this with great heart to share with all of you. My Dad Richard (affectionately known as Dick) Wyzanski passed away a few days ago in the most peaceful, loving and supportive way. The look on his face in his last moments were so angelic, I could have not imagined it so peaceful like that. Before he transitioned on, he gave my Mom and I kisses and we hugged and kissed him back so much. I witnessed so much personal growth within him the last couples years, he came to peace about many things in his life and we had the opportunity to bond in a most meaningful way. Blessed to have seen my parents re-marry and the true love that was always there. I am so proud of my Dad and love him so much. And really do feel him here with my Mom and I now.

Something to share that has always left an imprint on me was early memories of my Dad playing Jeff Beck on vinyl and a few old 45's on a stereo, just laying on the carpet or couch blown away at the emotions being expressed through Jeff's guitar. At times my Dad was brought to tears or got choked up and I knew why and felt it too. Because the notes touched those heavenly places in his heart that took him where he needed to express and where his spirit felt free. My Dad would share these moments with me like they were gold. And he treated me like his pal, always detailed about the songs or referencing names of artists and people who played with Jeff as if I were also in the know familiar to these details. Two things of many that I am so proud of and really represented the heart of a true fan was his integrity of the music and his desire to share the love of Jeff's music for all to resonate with. He along with his best friend from childhood, Bill Armstrong, created the Jeff Beck fan page www.ainian.com with that genuine intention and never took any profit, ego, or anything, only the divine purpose to share awareness of the gift of Jeff's music with the world so everyone could experience what they and so many did that moved their soul. As a reflection of a true fan, he was also a true friend to so many. As long as someone was genuine, he would go out of his way for them and show that they were appreciated as brothers or sisters whether in mutual interest of music or personal friendships. Also remembering now, as he would say, "I'm a tough 'ol guy" when working through the trenches of his health obstacles. And his tenacious spirit to live and to love gave us all every bit more moments for us to be graced with all that he represented and shared. Blessings my Father, Mom and I and all your friends love you very much, your spirit lives on forever....

Thanks for all the well wishes and condolences we've received here at the page. The official Jeff Beck webpage at; www.jeffbeck.com/dick-wyazanski as well as their official FaceBook page posted Jeff and Sandra's personal condolences which we can't tell you how much that means. Also thanks to all the folks who've helped Trini and Rich at this difficult time, you know who you are.

Questions other folks have been asking. We're hoping to have two memorials for Dick. The first down here in South Florida for the many friends Dick has made down here in the last 38 years which will be followed by the laying of his ashes at one his favorite scuba diving sites off the coast of Palm Beach County. The second next spring up in our hometown of Marblehead, Massachusetts for all the folks and family Dick grew up with. That one I'm sure will include some of the bands Dick and I used to play with.

Also, yes, I will be keeping this page going as long as I can. The last time I spoke to Dick a week ago and I promised I would. There's a team of people who've expressed interest in helping me; Eric Mirell, JP Lamon, Sid Johnson and Sheila Melms as well as any of you out there who want to send me tips and ideas. It will never be the same without Dick but we'll try to live up to his standard of insanity.

And now, on to 'What's New'....
Five European tour dates have been announced. We put them on the marquee a few days ago but here they are again. Line up will be the same, Rhonda, JJ, Jimmy Hall, Rosie and Carmen...

Late add, these 2017 Japanese dates annouced as well...

Following these dates Jeff will be off to Japan in November to receive an award from Classic Rock Magazine. Other things in the pipeline... working on his own autobiography, a rumoured bluesy type album with the incomparable Beth Hart and 2017 tour dates for Japan, the U.S. and Canada.

The 'Loud Hailer' tour is over and can't be described as anything but a smashing success. All of our fan reviews in JBB#21 are absolutely raving but all those folks are biased fanatics. The proof is all the press reviews in JBB#21, to a one these professional music journalists were blown away. But aside from the tour there was plenty of ink that consisted of reviews for 'Loud Hailer' and one article in particular previewing Jeff's 50th anniversay show at the Hollywood Bowl and the release of 'Beck 01' the book already holding the record for heaviest book released this year...don't drop it on your foot.

Here's a pic of Jeff holding the book at the 'book release event' held at Mel's Diner in Los Angeles on August 8th, 2016. It's got to be as heavy as the camshaft in a small block Chevy engine. Hah.

Here are the articles...

Lastly here's a pic of Dick in the hospital mid-July holding his deluxe edition of 'Beck 01'...serial number 0001 of a limited edition of 2000 copies. Signed 'To Dick W...Jeff Beck'. He called me that day saying he had sent Rich back to his apartment to wait for the FedEx delivery. He was so proud to get that book. That along with his copy of 'Loud Hailer' and later when he got home watching YouTube videos of this year's tour sustained him. We were both at the aftershow 'meet and greet' last year at Jeff's show in West Palm Beach that he did with ZZ Top. You can tell by the picture that jeffbeck.com posted as well as the one I posted on our front page Dick wasn't well but he could still walk. At that time Dick said to Jeff, "So you're gonna make sure I get serial number 0001 of that limited edition book you're putting out next year, right?" Jeff said, "Yes". Jeff Beck is a man of his word.

Be seeing you.

July 2, 2016

Getting excited! New album, book, tour right on the doorstep...watch out!

First, a deep hearted thank you to all of you on the JBAGG page and on FaceBook who are pulling for Dick to recover from his recent health issues, which are improving. Thank you for your prayers or 'positive vibes' or whatever you want to call them, they are sustaining.

As we also posted on the front page another track from 'Loud Hailer' has been posted...this time on the Rolling Stone website...'Scared For The Children' is the track which Rolling Stone called 'the album's standout'. In the Rolling Stone piece there's a cool pic of Jeff at home on a motorcycle with his dog Wilf. Also when you read the piece, make sure to checkout the sidebar.

Out of all the shows on the much anticipated summer tour, the Hollywood Bowl show is standing out. Just announced Aerosmith's Steve Tyler will be a special guest at show. Think they'll play 'Train Kept A Rollin'? Other special guests will include our 'JB2', Jennifer Batten.

Since Jeff has got a new album 'Loud Hailer', and the tour to support we're starting to see some ink flowing...love it. The August issue of Goldmine Magazine has Jeff on the cover!

A blurb from the issue...

“I’ll tell you what, it was a joy to have young people get excited
about something which started off very simply,” Jeff Beck tells
Goldmine about his new musical collaborators, vocalist Rosie Bones and
guitarist Carmen Vandenberg. “It started off sort of with a couple of
riffs and nothing too heavy and then all of a sudden out comes these
lyrics from Rosie ... quite amazing.”

Goldmine’s August issue goes on sale at your nearest Barnes & Noble
newstand in July.

Also in support of the album, there's now one of those 'lyric' videos on YouTube of 'Live In The Dark'. Here's the link. Very cool.

Be seeing you.

June 6, 2016

Quick update...

May 27, 2016, Jeff returned to one of his old haunts, Hereford Mansions, Hereford Rd., London (above). It is the building that houses (or used to) the offices of Equator Music Ltd and Jeff’s former managers Ernest Chapman and Ralph Baker. It was there that CODA Music Talent Agency and chief financial advisor Colin Newman held a press rollout for Jeff’s new album, ‘Loud Hailer’ to be released July 15th. The event was similar to one held in New York City in April at Electric Lady Studios by Warner Bros.

Jeff will be heading to Japan this November. He will be attending the Classic Rock Awards show on November 11th and will be receiving some sort of lifetime achievement award. Here's the blurb from rock press...

Jeff Beck to receive highest honours at the Classic Rock Awards 2016,
with appearances by Cheap Trick, Richie Sambora and Orianthi also

It was confirmed today that Classic Rock Awards 2016 + Live Performance
will be held at the 13,000-capacity Ryogoku Kokugikan Arena in Tokyo -
the home of Sumo wrestling - on Friday, November 11. This year's show
will feature appearances by recent Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees
Cheap Trick, plus former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and
Orianthi, while Jeff Beck will receive the highest honours. More acts
will be announced in due course.

"It's quite an honour to be considered for the first Classic Rock
awards in Japan," says Cheap Trick's Robin Zander, "Thanks so much to
all our fans in Japan, we can't wait to come back and play for you

This year's ceremony will be held in Japan for the first time ever,
while the evening itself is divided into a two-part event which will
include an awards ceremony and a series of live performances. Ticket
details will be announced shortly.

Previous winners and attendees at the Classic Rock Awards include Judas
Priest, Lemmy, Whitesnake, Queen, Def Leppard, Ronnie James Dio, Alice
Cooper, Jimmy Page, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Iron Maiden,
Rush, Deep Purple, the Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Black Sabbath and The

For more information, visit the Classic Rock Awards Japan website.

JB-III, Joe Bonnamassa, has announced the dates for his 'Salute To The British Blues Explosion' shows. There will be only six shows, 5 in the UK and one in the US at Red Rocks on July 19th. Go here for all the deets. The shows will be a tribute to Clapton, Beck and Page among others and at some point prior to the shows we have been told we will be granted an interview with Joe to talk how those guys influenced him so stay tuned for that.

And almost forgot! Our past blast....since Joe is saluting the British Blues Explosion, an old pic of the best (in our humble opinion)British blues act, The Yardbirds....the late, great Keith Relf and some bloke on guitar.

Be seeing you.

May 21, 2016

The title of Jeff's first studio album to be released in six years has been announced. "Loud Hailer" features 11 all new tracks and here is some ink that better explains it all.

From http://bestclassicbands.com/jeff-beck-loud-hailer-5-19-16/...

Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck returns with his first studio album in
six years,Loud Hailer, which arrives July 15 on Atco/Rhino
Entertainment. The album offers topical lyrics to make a powerful
statement about everything from the love of power to the power of love.
Loud Hailer, which the announcement points out is another name for a
megaphone, is a suitable moniker. The classic rock legend explains: “I
really wanted to make a statement about some of the nasty things I see
going on in the world today, and I loved the idea of being at a rally
and using this loud device to shout my point of view.” The album’s
first single, the riotous rocker “Live in the Dark,” will be
released soon.

Best Classic Bands attended an April 7th listening party with Beck at
NYC’s Electric Lady Studios. When we told him afterwards that “Live in
the Dark” was our favorite song on the album, he said it was one of his
as well: “It’ll be a favorite live.”

The album kicks off with the intense “The Revolution Will Be Televised”
(no relation to the Gil Scott-Heron track that includes a key word –
“Not” – in its title). Beck’s song features spoken lyrics from singer
Rosie Bones. There’s a pause when it ends and then “Live in the Dark”
starts, featuring Beck’s explosive guitars, some power drumming and
that voice.

To help him write the 11 tracks on Loud Hailer, Beck enlisted two
fierce young females from London: singer Bones and guitarist Carmen
Vandenberg. It was a chance meeting with Vandenberg last year at a
birthday party for Queen drummer Roger Taylor that eventually led to
the trio’s collaboration. “She invited me to one of their shows, and I
was blown away,” the guitarist recalls. “When we got together in
January, I explained the subject matter I had in mind, we sat down by
the fire with a crate of Prosecco and got right to it. The songs came
together very quickly; five in three days.”

Beck produced Loud Hailer with Filippo Cimatti, who also works with
Bones and Vandenberg. In addition to the core trio, the album also
features drummer Davide Sollazzi and bassist Giovanni Pallotti, who
were both recruited by Cimatti.

Bones lends her voice to nine of the 11 songs, including “Revolution,”
the reflective ballad “Scared For The Children,” the funk infused
“O.I.L.” and the tranquil album closer “Shrine.” The album is rounded
out by two Beck instrumentals, “Pull It” and “Edna.”

A few days after the album’s release, Beck will launch a summer tour of
the U.S. with blues legend Buddy Guy. And on August 10th, Beck will
make his Hollywood Bowl debut with an orchestra and special guests to
be announced shortly for a career-spanning concert that celebrates 50
years of “dynamic music making.”
“It will be head teacher Beck in a gown and mortar board in front of
the class giving everyone a history lesson,” he jokes.

Over the course of Beck’s 50-year career, the trailblazing guitarist
has earned many accolades. He has twice been inducted into the Rock &
Roll Hall of Fame. First, as a member of the Yardbirds in 1992 and then
again, as a solo artist, in 2009. He has earned a total of eight Grammy

In addition to recording Loud Hailer, Beck has working on his first
official book, BECK01 (Genesis Publications). Available on July 12,
the signed, limited edition book explores Beck’s passions for hot
rodding and rock’n’roll.

BECK01 is hand-bound in leather and aluminum with every book numbered
and personally signed by Beck. The guitarist’s handpicked selection of
more than 400 rare and unseen photographs and items of memorabilia is
narrated with an original manuscript of nearly 20,000 words. Included
is a forward by fellow guitarist John McLaughlin that begins, “Jeff
Beck is my all-time favourite guitarist, what do I say after that?”

Loud Hailer Track Listing:
“The Revolution Will Be Televised”
“Live In The Dark”
“Pull It”
“Thugs Club”
“Scared For The Children”
“Right Now”
“The Ballad Of The Jersey Wives”
Rosie Bones, Jeff Beck and Carmen Vandenberg
Photo by Ross Halfin

Rolling Stone magazine had a similar piece...http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/jeff-beck-announces-new-statement-album-loud-hailer-20160519. As well as this sidebar...http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/jeff-beck-talks-moving-past-guitar-nerd-albums-on-new-lp-20160408?page=2

So now we know the new players...singer Rosie Bones and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg along with producer Filippo Cimatti, drummer Davide Sollazzi and bassist Giovanni Pallotti. Rosie and Carmen were in a band together, 'Bones' and if you go to YouTube and search for either of them or the band there are several videos.

This brings us to the touring line-up for the big U.S. tour with Buddy Guy that begins July 19th. It will consist of Jeff's current rock solid rhythm section, Rhonda Smith on bass, Jonathan Joseph on drums along with the newcomers, Rosie Bones on vocals and Carmen Vandenberg on guitar/guitar-synth. This new line-up's first public outing will be Roger Taylor's Wintershall Charity concert July 2nd outside of Guildford, Surrey, UK. It's a black tie event so please dress accordingly :).

Lastly our blast from the past is from not too long ago. Sort of inspired by an item in our last update which mentioned Chrissie Hynde giving Jeff the 'El Becko' amp as a gift, here's a pic taken a few years ago of Jeff, Chrissie and Bryan Adams jamming with Leo Green's band at Ronnie Scotts.

Also, a 'Get Well' wish....a long time Jeff Beck fan, ainian.com contributor and friend, Nigel Flannigan has had some health issues recently and we certainly wish him the best.

April 7+, 2016

Official Press Release, April 4,2016...




(Los Angeles, CA – April 4, 2016) Announced today, in conjunction with this summer’s U.S. tour, JEFF BECK will release a new studio album on July 15. This marks his first studio album since the Grammy® winning Emotion & Commotion in 2010. In addition, more U.S. Tour dates, co-headlining with the blues legend, BUDDY GUY (except where noted below) were also announced today.

As was previously announced, the duo will begin their joint tour on July 19th in Port Chester, NY, before hitting NYC, CT, NJ, PA, VA, MI. The tour will make a special stop at the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, IL, on Sunday, July 31st, before heading to Nashville and then making the trek west to Los Angeles. As was previously announced, BECK will make a very special appearance at the Hollywood Bowl on August 10th to celebrate 50 years of ‘dynamic music making’. New dates, not previously announced, are indicated below.

Over the course of BECK’s illustrious 50-year career, the trailblazing guitarist has earned many accolades. He’s been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – twice! First, as a member of the Yardbirds in 1992 and then again, as a solo artist in 2009. Rolling Stone Magazine ranked him as one of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” and he has earned a total of 8 Grammy Awards during his long career. In addition, BECK has been a guest performer at scores of sessions with everyone from Stevie Wonder and Buddy Guy to Tina Turner and Mick Jagger. Throughout his career, BECK routinely makes the fantastically difficult sound effortless.

Currently, BECK has been hard at work on his first book, BECK01 (Genesis Publications, jeffbeckbook.com), which explores Beck’s passions for hot rodding and rock’n'roll, bound together in his official, signed, limited edition book. Inspired by the sleek curves, luxurious finish and iconic imagery of the hot rods he builds, BECK01 is hand-bound in leather and aluminum with every book numbered and personally signed by the author, Jeff Beck. Jeff Beck’s handpicked selection of 400+ rare and unseen photographs and items of memorabilia is narrated with an original manuscript of nearly 20,000 words, making BECK01 the definitive visual and historical record of one of the most dynamic musicians and creators. Included is an eloquent forward by John McLaughlin that begins, “Jeff Beck is my all-time favourite guitarist, what do I say after that?” Indeed.

Jeff Beck Summer Tour w/Buddy Guy (*except where noted below):

July 19    The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY

July 20    Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

July 22    Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, CT*

July 23    Borgata Spa & Resort Event Center, Atlantic City, NJ

July 24    Sands Bethlehem Event Center, Bethlehem, PA*

July 26    PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ

July 27    Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA

July 29    Constellation Brands – Marvin Sands Perf. Arts Center,
           Canandaigua, NY

July 30    Meadowbrook Amphitheater, Rochester Hills, MI

July 31    Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, IL

August 3   Ascend Amphitheatre, Nashville, TN

August 10  Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

New Dates not yet announced...

August 5   Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO

August 7   Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO

August 11  Chumash Casino, Santa Ynez, CA*

August 12  Pala Casino, Pala, CA

August 14  Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA*

August 16  Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA

August 17  Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa, CA*

August 18  Jackson Rancheria Casino Hotel, Jackson, CA

August 20  Maryhill Winery, Goldendale, WA

August 21  Woodland Park Zoo Amphitheater, Seattle, WA*

More dates TBA

*Jeff Beck ONLY on these dates

**All dates on sale Friday, April 8 with the following exceptions:

Kansas City: On sale 4/16

Seattle, WA: On sale 4/22

Saratoga, CA: On sale TBA

Jeff has spent some time recently in New York where on April 7th he previewed the new Warner Bros. album at Electric Lady Studios. Here's a pic of Jeff there and the album's track listing...

Jeff, at the preview did this interview with Greg Brodsky who's pictured with Jeff at Electric Lady, April 7, 2016...

Jeff Beck Previews New Album
by Greg Brodsky

Legendary guitarist talks about his first studio LP in six years
Jeff Beck talking about his still-untitled album, at Electric Lady
Studios, April 7, 2016 (Photo: Greg Brodsky)

We’re in the presence of greatness. Thirty or so lucky souls are in a
Greenwich Village recording studio, invited by Warner Music Group’s
Rhino Entertainment for an old-fashioned listening party for an as-yet
still-untitled album. That greatness that I refer to, though, has a
double meaning. We’re assembled in Electric Lady Studios, the very one
that Jimi Hendrix had built in 1970, and his spirit and presence looms
large. And we’re the first ones outside the label to hear the
sensational forthcoming album by another classic rock guitar legend,
Jeff Beck.

“It’s amazing to know that he stood in this room,” says Beck, talking
in Studio A and referring, of course, to Hendrix. Someone had just
noted that Hendrix’s sound could be heard on several of the cuts. “Of
course it’s Jimi in there,” exclaims Beck. “Who’s not gonna take a page
out of that?”

I promised Rhino that I wasn’t going to review the album since it won’t
be coming out until July 15, just days before Beck’s co-headlining tour
with yet another guitar legend, Buddy Guy. Beck will be 72 when the
tour starts; he looks terrific.

But what an album! Here’s what we can tell you: there are 11 tracks,
most of which feature vocals from an unnamed female singer from London.
He had met her bandmate – “a blonde girl in a snappy hat” – at Queen
drummer Roger Taylor’s home and ended up seeing their band perform in a
small club. “I invited them to dinner after the show. Prosecco was
flowing… I fed the idea [of having her sing on the album]. I thought if
I don’t change course now, I’m gonna be stuck in that guitar world!”
Jeff Beck 2016 LP Song List The album kicks off with “The Revolution
Will Be Televised” (no relation to the Gil Scott-Heron track that
includes a key word – “Not” – in its title). Beck’s song features
spoken lyrics by the unnamed singer. There’s a pause when it ends and
then “Live in the Dark” starts, featuring Beck’s explosive guitars,
some power drumming and that voice. When I told Beck afterwards that it
was my favorite song on the album, he said it was one of his as well:
“It’ll be a favorite live.” That piano you hear was played on his
mother’s piano; imagine that.

There’s the insistent lyric, “Don’t know what I want but I want it
right now,” punctuated by Beck’s ferocious guitar playing on the track
“Right Now.” “Thugs Club,” a contemporary jazz-rock-blues number
features military-style drumming. There’s even a song reminiscent of a
’60s girl group.

Beck had been in Studio A before, recalling that he had recorded Stevie
Wonder’s Talking Book “right where you’re standing.”
Suffice it to say, Best Classic Bands will do a full review of Beck’s
first studio album since 2010’s Emotion & Commotion when it’s released
this summer. You won’t be disappointed.

OK, so the important stuff is out of the way, a few things that have been piling up that we've meant to post...

Former JBG drummer extrodinaire Tony Newman became a FaceBook friend a while back. When asked about how he came to join the group..."Wow !I remember when Jeff called me about joining The JBG, I was doing sessions,and working with Cliff Richard, doing a Christian music tour??? Anyway we had worked together at the Beatles Christmas show, and (he) thought I had the loudest rocksteady beat he had ever heard! at the time."

Jeff Beck fan Jon Tiven of Nashville, TN wrote us a note detailing a two very brief conversations he had with Jeff in the 1970's..."I tried to interview him once before, after a gig with the Rough & Ready band, but he was mum, all he told me was his distortion pedal was Coloursound and he wanted to be going so he went. The funniest thing he told me was when I asked him about Ronnie Wood joining the Stones...so I guess it was probably 1975. His comment: 'I hope they learn some new chords.'"

One of Jeff's tunes appears on a new video game 'Pure'....'Grease Monkey' from the album 'Jeff'.

Also we and Jeff got some ink recently...the March 2016 issue of 'Drum Magazine' featured a piece by Wayne Blanchard on 'The Drummers Of Jeff Beck'. In the article Wayne gave a nice shout out to Dick and ainian.com...thank you! Also Jeff's album 'Live +' was named album of the year in Vintage Guitar Magazine's annual reader's choice poll. All the results to the poll are in it's April edition.

Jeff Beck fans in the U.S. are getting stoked for the upcoming tour but UK fans can see Jeff July 2nd, 2016 when he appears again at his friend Roger Taylor's Wintershall Charity Rock Concert....details here.

Jeff was out and about along with everybody else in the UK it seems at the opening of the Rolling Stones new 'Exhibitionism' exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery in London April 6th. Details on the exhibit here.

Details a little sketchy on this one but below is a picture the soon to be famous 'El Becko' guitar amp. We understand one of Jeff's BF's, Chrissie Hynde had this made for him. Made to look like a hot rod's radiator, it looks real cool. How it sounds?

Lastly a sort of sad blast from the past...Keith Emerson, keyboardist extrodinaire formerly of The Nice and ELP passed last month...here's an old photo of him and Jeff.

February 19, 2016

Here first is the big news...

Late add...another date has been added...July 31st, Ravinia Pavillion, Highland Park, IL click here for tickets...Jennifer Batten will now appear at the August 10th Hollywood Bowl show.

Official Press Release



(Los Angeles, CA)  It was in March of 1965 that a young JEFF BECK was recruited by iconic band, The Yardbirds to succeed Eric Clapton on the recommendation of Jimmy Page. After innumerable live performances, ground-breaking albums and one of the most acclaimed careers as one of the premiere guitarists of our time, JEFF BECK celebrates 50 years of dynamic music making.

  On August 10, 2016, BECK will make a very special appearance at the Hollywood Bowl, joined that evening by close friend and long-time collaborator, Buddy Guy, himself celebrating his 80th birthday!

    “Sharing the stage and this moment with Buddy is a dream for me.  His live concerts are legendary and the music world would be a very boring place without his influence.”  -  Jeff Beck

  Over the course of Beck’s illustrious 50-year career, the trailblazing guitarist has earned many accolades.  He’s been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – twice!  First as a member of the Yardbirds in 1992 and then again, as a solo artist in 2009.  Rolling Stone Magazine ranked him as one of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” and he has earned a total of 8 Grammy Awards during his long career. In addition, BECK has been a guest performer at scores of sessions with everyone from Stevie Wonder and Buddy Guy to Tina Turner and Mick Jagger.  Throughout his career, BECK routinely makes the fantastically difficult sound effortless.

  Currently, BECK has been hard at work on his first book, focused on his twin inspirations - hot rodding and rock'n'roll - now bound together. The London-based Genesis Publishing Group plans to release BECK01, a high quality “signed, limited-edition” book, this year.  In BECK01 Jeff Beck takes us on the journey of a lifetime. Over five decades, he has blazed a trail, forging a unique guitar style lauded by critics, fans and fellow guitar legends.  Said BECK, “Right from the beginning, I've tried to do something with anything I've got hold of. At the age of 13, I built two or three of my own guitars. I painted the frets on. It was fun just to look at it and hold it… I knew where I was headed.”    In addition, BECK is hard at work on an officially sanctioned documentary and is currently penning his own autobiography.

    Tickets for the Hollywood Bowl 2016 summer season are available online at HollywoodBowl.com or via phone at 323.850.2000 on the following dates:

    For more info please contact:

A British rock website, http://strangebrew.co.uk, has put out a great piece on The Tridents, one of Jeff's first bands. Besides detailing the bands history and their gigs, the article includes a live cut from Eel Pie Island in 1964 called 'Tiger In Your Tank' which features Jeff on guitar and is incredible. Here's a link to the soundfile and the article below.

Our friend Joe Bonamassa has announced he will be doing a 5 day UK tour in July that will be billed as his tribute to 'The Three Kings Of British Rock Guitar', those being Eric, Jeff and Jimmy. Eric has been onstage with Joe at The Royal Albert Hall, Jeff and Jimmy never. Be interesting to see if anything happens.

Jeff's new book Beck01 is coming along nicely. Better order one soon before they sell out! A few pics have been leaked and here they are.

Carmine Appice has a book coming out. 'Stick It - My Life Of Sex, Drums And Rock N' Roll'. Sure to be interesting reading about his BBA days.

We've added a few things to the page recently, first check out 'Car Groove' in the 'Sounds' section and in JBB #21 Dick visits Clive Chaman at his home in central Florida. We also keep in touch with one of Clive's other bandmates Bernie Holland, who recently sent us some great pics of their band Hummingbird along with his rememberances of that time. That will be coming soon in JBB #21.

And for our past-blast bit a pic of Jeff with the late great David Bowie and crew following the Spiders From Mars last show at the Hammersmith Odeon, July 3, 1973. Notables in the pic...Bianca Jagger, Angie Bowie, Ringo Starr (fabulous perm!) and Mick Ronson. At one of the 2010 gigs Jeff did at New York's Iridium Room to honor Les Paul (which was recorded for his 'Rock N' Roll Party' BluRay/DVD) David attended and we understand the two did discuss a possible collaboration that unfortunately never happened.

January 7, 2016

A New Year, a new beginning....

Jeff appeared on Jools Holland's annual New Year's Eve 'Hootenanny' on BBC2. He and Beth Hart opened the show with 'Nut Bush City Limits' and later did a ripping version of Beth's composition 'Tell Her You Belong To Me' YouTube link to both numbers courtesy of guitarplayer.com...http://www.guitarplayer.com/news/1024/jeff-beck-rings-in-the-new-year-with-televised-shredfest/55799#.Voy5T1jw688.facebook. And here's a screengrab.

Also at the show the lovely Nancy Sorrell (right).

Out and about recent sightings of the Beck's...Jeff sharing a few laughs with David Gilmour at one of David's five shows at The Royal Albert Hall last week of September attended by Jeff and Sandra.

We've been sitting on some interesting links since last year...we kind of thought they might expire or get archived and then we would re-post the whole articles but since they haven't yet here are the links you should check out:

Oh, as we mentioned on our front page the new 'Beck 01' is selling well the first 350 limited edition copies sold out in no time...the remaining are going fast as well so follow that link and get one...now!

We were so happy to see Jim McCarty's recent U.S. Yardbirds tour go so well. Check around online and you'll see nothing but great reviews and some great YouTubes. They even sold out a new venue that's a couple of towns over from where we grew up, the Larcom Theater in Beverly, Massachusetts. The Yardbirds latest lineup also included a Massachusetts bloke, Johnny A, who we met backstage when Jeff played the Orpheum Theater in Boston back in 1999 and whose band opened for Jeff the next night in New Hampshire. Here's a pic of their wrap party.

So speaking of the Yardbirds we thought we'd throw in these pics from jimmypage.com of when they played on Catalina island off of California in 1966. $10 included the ride over plus the show and the boys seem to have discovered a fascinating piece of rope.

And...it seems Jeff's Yardbirds Fender Esquire...the one that Fender's custom shop made a clone of and sold for $$...and we think Jeff regrets to this day that he let go to Seymour Duncan...is in (on loan we think) the Rock And Roll Hall Of Friggin' Fame! We first gave the low down on the guitar back in 1994 in Issue #3 of the Jeff Beck Bulletin. Legacy.

Photo courtesy Randy Ray Clark.

Joss Stone was recently named the #1 Year Ending Reggae Album Artist by Billboard magazine. This due to her year ending #1 Reggae Album, 'Water For Your Soul'. Meanwhile her step-dad Jonathan Joseph has been doing several gigs down in our South Florida neck of the woods...early December he did a pick up gig with Stanley Jordan at the Arts Garage in Delray Beach...then a few weeks later he played The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton with his own Jonathan Joseph Quartet. He's scheduled to play there again on January 18th for a jam night and again on February 16th with his Jonathan Joseph Quartet...here's the listing for the 16th... http://www.funkybiscuit.com/event/1053287-jonathan-joseph-quartet-boca-raton/.

Now for our past blast...these photos courtesy of Rob Verhorst...the date - December 12, 1986...the place - Wisserloord Studios in Amsterdam...the blokes - Jeff Beck and Mick Jagger working on Mick's 'Primitive Cool' album. We thought Jeff's tracks were all recorded at Compass Studios, Nassau, Bahamas. Guess they weren't.

Lastly as we've posted on our front page...Our good vibes and prayers go out to drummer extrodinaire and frequent Jeff Beck session mate Jimmy Copley who is battling leukemia. Well known for being the funky backbone of the Beck produced band UPP in the mid seventies, Jimmy went on to drum with such notables as Tears For Fears and Paul Rogers as well as sessions with Jeff like 'Manic Depression' with Seal and Jimmy's own solo Lp 'Slap My Hand' which featured Jeff Beck on three numbers. Most recently Jimmy Copley toured with Manfred Mann's Earth Band and released an lp with The Bad Apples featuring another frequent Jeff mate Ian Jennings.

Well wishers can get in touch with Jimmy through the Jeff Beck FaceBook groups. Jimmy is also directly on FaceBook.  From www.ainian.com, Get Well Soon Jimmy. We need you!!

Royal Albert Hall May 14, 2015

Be seeing you.