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September 24, 2005

January 6, 2005

Sorry to report some somber news to start off 2005. Not really Jeff Beck related except in that Roger Dean is an old mate of Jeff's and a friend to us here at the page and a British blues pioneer. We recieved this letter today from Tom Jennings and it's self explanatory. Please add Roger and his family to your prayers.

Roger Dean, former guitarist with, amongst others, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and the Joe
Loss Orchestra, was involved in a near-fatal collision with another vehicle in Sunningdale,
Berkshire on Thursday 30th December 2004. He had been to visit his aged mother and was
accompanied in the car by his brother.

Details are sketchy at present but it is reported that the Audi driven by Roger emerged on
to the main road by the railway crossing and a speeding car, possibly a BMW, came round a
bend, crossed the railway lines and crashed into the side of Roger's Audi.

The car was spun around by the force of the impact. Roger was trapped in the wreckage by his
foot and had to be cut out of the vehicle by the emergency services.

Roger has suffered broken teeth, a broken arm, 4 broken ribs, spinal damage and possible
pelvic damage. He is in deep shock and is currently in St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey.

His wife, Pam, and his sons, Marcus and Matthew are trying to be very brave in the
circumstances but obviously this traumatic event has left the family distraught at the
thought of what might have been.

We ask all friends and fans of Roger to think of him and his family at this time of the New Year 2005 and just to let everyone know that at some time in the near future 1 or more benefit concerts will be organised to raise funds towards helping Roger and his family to get through this most difficult time. Musicians who would like to take part in this or these events please let me know. Regards Tom Jennings 51 Haslemere Avenue West Ealing London W13 9UH tomjennings.net@boltblue.com 0208-840-4370 07788-914155

January 12, 2005

We just got a note from Steve Alexander with some news about his latest project which Jeff plays on and the details as to how you can get it. Rather than relay what he told us we'll just show you a copy of his note. (It's easier that way, hah).

Dear Bill and Dick,

I hope you are both well.

I am sure we met some time during my tenure as drummer with Jeff between
'98 and 2001 and I'm writing to let you know about an album I have recently
written and produced that features some of Jeff's guitar playing that might
be of interest to Jeff's fans.

The project is called 'Flashman' and can be found on the web at
www.flash-man.tv The line-up is comprised of myself and an excellent
vocalist called Renn from London. Jeff heard some of the material in the
early days of development and kindly volunteered to play on some of it. I
thoroughly enjoyed my time in Jeff's band and was sad when it came to an
end, so I was delighted to further our working relationship with this album.
I have played almost all the other instruments on the record, co-written and
produced the material and I'm very proud of it.

I thought that any Jeff fans that remember me from his band might be
interested in checking this out. There is a forum on the site and I would be
delighted to read any feedback you/they might have. The cd is available for
purchase from the site and is also downloadable from iTunes and several
other digital retailers.

As a small incentive, any Jeff fans who buy the cd and register on the site
will receive an exclusive track unavailable elsewhere via e-mail. This is
called "Hal's Restless Nights' and is an instrumental that features  Jeff
playing the melody and a great solo. We recorded the track on two occasions,
in Sony studios in London and later at his house.

I hope this is of interest to you,  Please let me know what you think of the

I wish you a Happy New Year,


Steve Alexander
Thanks Steve! Once again, here's the link;

February 16, 2005

Sorry we been lax in updating lately. I (Bill) was out of town only to return to a computer crisis of sorts (ie crash). So I haven't been loving computers lately if you know what I mean.

Jeff's weekend in La La Land seems to have been a success. On Friday February 11th he performed at the MusiCares tribute to Brian Wilson at the Palladium. He received a 'standing O' for his instrumental versions of "Surf's UP" and "Surfin' USA". He also played on a suite from Brian Wilson's 'Smile'. We can point you some pictures of the event. The best (as always) are at www.wireimage.com, just search for "jeff beck". Also here is a blurb on Jeff signing a NASCAR hood that will go on auction for Tsunami relief. We also have this one.

Oh and here's a clip from the show; http://www.grammys.com/gallery/video.aspx

We also guess Jeff must have had a good time with one of his best friends, Jimmy Page, who attended the show as well as the Grammys to receive, along with John Paul Jones, a life time achievement award for Led Zeppelin. The award was given prior to the show's telecast which in the words of John Mayer (and we agree) was 'sacreligious' but during the show there was a mention and brief camera shot of Jimmy and John.

Once again we want to remind you that Jeff is on Imogen Heap's latest release "Goodnight and Go" which you can get at; www.imogenheap.co.uk. We understand the song was recently featured on the Fox TV program "The OC". And don't forget Jeff's on Steve Alexander's latest as mentioned above. "Hal's Restless Nights" is a killer techo tune LOADED with Jeff's tasty licks. Also this from something you'll never remember. Last year or the year before we mentioned that Jeff was on Steve's theme he did for SKY TV's Euro Soccer League Games, turns out Jeff's contribution never made the final mix.

I guess everyone has heard that Chevy commercial with "Over Under Sideways Down" on it. We were all going 'alright' a few quid for the boys. I don't know, I heard it again over the past weekend, is it a studio cover?

People who have heard the Japanese remasters of Jeff's catalog are raving. Like the little cardboard covers too!

Vintage Guitar magazine has a little piece on Jeff this month by guitar transriber Wolf Marshall. And BBC 6 is currently doing a late night music series on "Guitar Greats" and a recent installment featured our man. Check out; http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/shows/inthearchive/.

Lastly we want to point you towards the additions we've made to JBB #12 a short story about David Hadley's experience with Jeff at the John Lee Hooker tribute CD sessions with some cool pics and a quick Q&A with 'Rough And Ready' engineer Phill Brown. Also check out a new email we added to the "Emails" article. We recently received one from Gary Husband about his recent gig with Jeff at the UK Hall Of Fame Awards.

March 1, 2005

Jeff arrives at Buckingham Palace, March 1, 2005 via a hot rod (of course)!
Photo by Ralph Baker (in the rain!)

Must have been a memorable day today for Jeff and the boys. Jeff, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page all met the Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. I know this sounds a little corny but you know they all had to be thinking, "If Mom and Dad could see me now!". I don't really know if Jeff has ever met the Queen before. I'm pretty sure Eric has and Jimmy recieved an MBE recently so he has. Anyway, here's a pic and the blurb from the AP. By the way, we wonder if he had his Doc Marten boots as part of his emsemble!

LONDON - Queen Elizabeth II met four of Britain's most famous guitarists Tuesday, asking them: "And what do you do?" Queen's Brian May, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck were all guests at a Buckingham Palace party to honor the British music industry.

"It's great to meet her and it doesn't matter at all that she did not know who we are or what we do," Clapton said. "I wouldn't expect her to."

Other guests included Charlotte Church, Cilla Black, Shirley Bassey, Roger Daltrey and Geri Halliwell.

In other news we got a great note from our friend Robert Knight last week. He attended the MusiCares benefit that Jeff played at a couple of weeks ago and went out to dinner with him a few days later. He echoed what we had already heard, that Jeff blew away everyone there. Before the show there was a cocktail party and auction to which Robert contributed 4 of his photographs. One, of Jeff and Stevie Ray Vaughn was bought by Dickie Bett's manager who walked up to Jeff's table and asked him to sign it. Robert then told us on the day of the Grammy telecast he ran into Brian Wilson in Guitar Center's green room while he was rehearsing with Bono, Velvet Revolver, Green Day and Stevie Wonder for their song for Tsunami Relief. Brian told Robert that his favorite part of the MusiCares show was Jeff's 'Surf's Up'. Photos from the green room rehearsal can be found here. Later that night Robert got a call from Jeff to join him for dinner where they were later joined by Imogen Heap and Billy Gibbons! The next day Jeff told him he was to go into the studio to work on a track for an upcoming Les Paul project that is in the works. We have since confirmed (not that we needed to) that Jeff did do the Les Paul session. However we've also learned that no decision will be made about it seeing the light of day until the final product is heard. Also heard there's a slight possibility Jeff will take part in the JVC Festival tribute to Les Paul in June.

Last update I posed the question whether that 'Over Under Sideways Down' Chevy commercial was a studio cover. Well, no sooner had a I posed the question I get an email from Greg Facca and John D'Agostini in Detroit. They are the audio engineers who work on Chevrolet TV and Radio advertising and they assured me it was indeed a studio cover produced by a production house they work with. I told them I thought that was the case, the vocals is what gave it away but whoever did the guitar nailed Jeff's Yardbird tone.

Speaking of the Yardbirds, Gypie Mayo left the group, his replacement Telecaster spanker Jerry Donahue. Also check out Jim McCarty's very stylish website at:http://www.jimmccarty.co.uk.

May 1, 2005

As you might have noticed, we now have a policy here at the page of only doing 'What's New' updates on the first days of months that start with the letter 'M'. This has cut down our workload appreciably and seems to making everyone here in the office much happier. So that's that and will see you next March. Hah, just kidding. Sorry about not updating in a while but a bunch of things happening where Bill works has put a crimp in things so let's get caught up.

First the Japanese tour dates courtesy of our friend Toshi....

July 1, Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Yokohama
July 2, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
July 3, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
July 5, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
July 7, Yuubin Chokin Hall, Hiroshima
July 8, Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka
July 9, Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka
July 11, Century Hall, Nagoya
July 13, Koseinenkin Hall, Sapporo
This is great news....we should have 9 new high quality boots soon since the Japanese record everything! As far as the line-up we're expecting the Mondesir brothers again and don't know who on keyboards, we'll see.

Prior to these dates Jeff will appear the the UK Music Fest 'Meltdown' in late June. The press has said that he's scheduled to appear with Patti Smith, Flea and John Frusciante (Chili Peppers) to do a Jimi Hendrix tribute however we've since learned that Jeff probably won't appear with anyone except his own band.

Speaking of tours, a Yardbirds/Vanilla Fudge co-tour will kick off in Tampa, Florida June 8th.

Now, on to tours that never happened....the rumour of a Robert Plant/Jeff Beck created a lot of buzz on the street and we've since obtained a picture of Robert and Jeff on their'non-tour'.

The track list for the re-issue of 'Truth' is out.

1. Shapes Of Things
2. Let Me Love You
3. Morning Dew
4. You Shook Me
5. Ol' Man River
6. Greensleeves
7. Rock My Plimsoul
8. Beck's Bolero
9. Blues Deluxe
10. I Ain't Superstitious
11. I've Been Drinking
12. You Shook Me
13. Rock My Plimsoul
14. Beck's Bolero
15. Blues Deluxe
16. Tallyman
17. Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)
18. Hi Ho Silver Lining
Everyone's probably familiar with the added tracks. The second 'Beck's Bolero' is the single version with the backwards ending.

Billboard has officially listed Jeff's name on the forthcoming Capital Records Les Paul tribute CD. We mentioned earlier that Jeff did lay down a track when he was in LA for the Grammys but when we brought up the listing with the London office they told us it was premature as they still hadn't heard the final mix and signed off on it. We also forwarded on a question someone sent to us about the lack of a commercial DVD of Jeff on the market. The encouraging reply was, "that should be fixed in the future before too long."

Oh and almost forgot....new Donovan compilation CD's are due out May 9 on EMI UK. One will include an added track featuring Jeff on the song 'Stromberg Twins'. Donovan wrote the song for Jeff. Stromberg's are a brand of twin carberators.

In the previous update we at one point erroneously reported that Jeff arrived at Buckingham Palace in a 'deuce'. Our error was pointed out to us and after careful examination (thanks Alan) we are glad to report that we've narrowed down the car to a 34 Ford 3 window coupe. Now this may look like a 'deuce' but we've since learned that only a 32 Ford can accurately called a 'deuce'.

Lastly, a Gibson guitar signed by Jeff is being auctioned off in Los Angeles at the Hard Rock Cafe to benefit breast cancer research. The online auction began on April 24th and concludes on May 3rd. Visit www.juliensaution.com for details.

June 20, 2005

Sorry we haven't updated in a while....we've had some server issues but all should be well soon. Also don't know if you've noticed but due to problems on our end at the moment we can't update www.jplamon.com/beck. So, if you can try www.ainian.com first. Spring is over and summer is here, hmmm, feels like something is in the air.

Hey, Jeff won an award from Mojo Magazine. Jeff won the Les Paul Award for his guitar work. And coincidently Jeff will appear on the Les Paul tribute CD that's been mentioned here before.

In case you missed our 'marquee' the line-up for the Japanese tour is:

Jimmy Hall - vocals
Pino Palladino - bass
Jason Rebello - keyboards
Vinnie Colaiuta - drums
Turns out Jeff met Vinnie at the Les Paul sessions in LA, Vinnie recommended Jason for the tour as well. Dick spoke to Jimmy Hall before he left for England. Jimmy confirmed that things had just "officially" shored up and that he had just sent his bio to the Japanese tour production company. He should be in England about now to start his portion of the rehearsals as the rest of the lineup has already started. As usual Jeff is keeping the set list "under the radar" but did let out that there would be three Hendrix tracks.(Makes sense because of Jeff's involvement with the Meltdown music festival Hendrix tribute towards the time of the end of the Japan tour rehearsals.) Jimmy promised to send us an email when the tour ends and no doubt will try to keep Jeff interested in coming back to the states. Thanks in advance Jimmy. You have one of the purest rock voices ever and we love your past contributions to Jeff's career and eagerly await the future! (For more on Jimmy Hall click on Issue #10 for an interview we did with him and backstage photos of Jimmy and Jeff/Jimmy Hall from the Atlanta 03 B.B. King music festival.

Also on the Japanese tour front, a tenth date has been added...on July 15th Jeff will return to the Toyko International Forum for a tour finale.

In other tour news, we already mentioned that The Yardbirds and Vanilla Fudge are touring during June in what is now being called the 'Strange Days' festival along with The Doors and Pat Travers. The Yardbirds are also playing a few non 'Strange Days' gigs, one being The Freebird Cafe in Jacksonville, Florida on June 9th. I've been there before and this is the place to see the guys, small, right on Jacksonville Beach, nice place. Also while he's out on the road with Vanilla Fudge, Carmine Appice has told us he'll be holding some drum clinics at music stores along the tour. Keep an eye out for those. And speaking of the Fudge...a friend of mine has been doing some work at Ridenour Studios in Oakland Park, Florida (Fort Lauderdale basically) and he keeps running into Mark Stein and Vince Martell there.

We're in the process of wrapping up Jeff Beck Bulletin #12 and soon will premiere #13. In it we will feature our meetings with Carmine Appice and the Yardbirds so look out for that.

And lastly, a while ago we mentioned in our November 11, 2004 update that in one of the rehearsal tents backstage at last years' Crossroads show, someone was seen videotaping Jeff rehearsing with ZZ Top. We also mentioned that the rehearsal was said to be smoking and that we'd love for that bit of vid to turn up some day. Well guess what. We'll have more on this soon.

June 30, 2005

Just a quick update...Jeff's setlist at the Meltdown thing;
Hey Joe
The Wind Cries Mary
Red House
All Along The Watchtower
Manic Depression
By all press accounts Jeff was the highlight of the evening (duh), the rest of the night was a hodgepodge of everything from harps to accordians trying to play Hendrix songs. Jeff played with Pino, Jason and Vinnie. No mention of Jimmy in what I read. Turns out 'Meltdown' was the last event at the Royal Festival Hall before they tear it up for some sort of renovations. Seems weird, first of all the hall sounds great, second, it looks like the most modern building in that area for miles. We recieved this pic of Jeff backstage at Meltdown with the band Television's Richard Lloyd.

The story behind the photo...Richard had met sometime ago a drummer who claimed he played drums on 'Shapes Of Things' from the 'Truth' LP. For years everyone who heard the story from Richard said it couldn't be since we all know Mickey Waller played on that album. So, here's Richard asking Jeff about the drummer he had met named Tony Newman, Jeff did confess that Tony might be on a few of Truth's cuts un-credited.

Lastly here's a link reviewing the JVC Jazzfest Les Paul show;
Les' comment in the last paragraph is great.

Speaking of Les Paul, we hear Slash presented Jeff with his 'Mojo Les Paul Award'. Les himself sent a videotaped congratulations.

July 14, 2005

Sorry our updates haven't been as frequent as we'd like. We're still having server issues but I think we're making some progress towards solving them. Also, what's that ringing? Bells?

Anyway, the Japanese tour is underway and in case you haven't heard Jennifer Batten is joining Jeff for some shows. She was doing some of her own shows on June 30th and July 1st and joined Jeff on July 2nd. As far as we've heard though she is only doing one song with the band...'Goin' Down'. Here are two set lists we got from our friend Toshi.

July 1 - Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Yokohama

1. Earthquake/Stratus
2. You Never Know
3. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
4. Rollin' And Tumblin' - with Jimmy
5. Morining Dew - with Jimmy
6. Behind The Veil
7. Two Rivers
8. Star Cycle
9. Big Block
10. Scatterbrain

--10 minute intermission--

11. Beck' Bolero
12. Nadia
13. Angel (Footsteps)
14. Led Boots
15. Diamond Dust
16. Hey Joe - with Jimmy
17. Manic Depression - with Jimmy
18. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/Brush With The Blues
19. Blue Wind
20. People Get Ready - with Jimmy
21. Goin' Down - with Jimmy


22. Over The Rainbow - Jeff and Jason

July 3  Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

2.You Never Know
3.Cause We've Ended As Lovers
4.Rollin' and Tumblin' -with Jimmy
5.Morning Dew -with Jimmy
6.Behind The Veil
7.Two Rivers
8.Star Cycle
9.Big Block

--10 minute intermission--

11.Beck's Bolero
14.Led Boots
15.Diamond Dust
16.Hey Joe -with Jimmy
17.Manic Depression -with Jimmy
18.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/Brush With The Blues
19.Blue Wind


20.People Get Ready -with Jimmy
21.Over The Rainbow -Jeff and Jason

July 5 - Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

1. Beck' Bolero
2. Stratus
3. You Never Know
4. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
5. Rollin' And Tumblin' - with Jimmy
6. Morining Dew - with Jimmy
7. Behind The Veil
8. Two Rivers
9. Star Cycle
10. Big Block
11. Scatterbrain

--6 minute intermission

12. Earthquake/Nadia
13. Angel (Footsteps)
14. Led Boots
15. Diamond Dust
16. Hey Joe - with Jimmy
17. Manic Depression - with Jimmy
18. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/Brush With The Blues
19. Blue Wind

20. People Get Ready - with Jimmy
21. Goin' Down - with Jimmy and Jennifer


22. Over The Rainbow - Jeff and Jason

July 7  Yubinchokin Hall, Hiroshima
July 8  Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka
July 9  Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka

1.Beck's Bolero
3.You Never Know
4.Cause We've Ended As Lovers
5.Rollin' and Tumblin' -with Jimmy
6.Morning Dew -with Jimmy
7.Behind The Veil
8.Two Rivers
9.Star Cycle
10.Big Block

--5 minutes intermission--

14.Led Boots
15.Diamond Dust
16.Hey Joe -with Jimmy
17.Manic Depression -with Jimmy
18.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/Brush With The Blues
19.Blue Wind


20.Earthquake/Blast From The East -with Jennifer
21.Going Down -with Jimmy and Jennifer
22.People Get Ready -with Jimmy
23.Over The Rainbow -Jeff and Jason

Also we've wrapped up Jeff Beck Bulletin Issue #12 and we're starting #13. We've got a few things in there now with more to soon follow.

July 21, 2005

By all accounts the Japanese tour is a great success. Jeff Beck Live At BB King's is #3 on the Japanese charts for the third straight week and the tour merchandise including a lovely tour booklet are selling well. In fact the tour booklet includes a lovely picture taken by Sandra Jane of Jeff shaking his dog's paw. Very homey stuff! And here's some more set lists...

July 7  Yubinchokin Hall, Hiroshima
July 8  Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka
July 9  Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka

All three nights were the same;

1.Beck's Bolero
3.You Never Know
4.Cause We've Ended As Lovers
5.Rollin' and Tumblin' -with Jimmy
6.Morning Dew -with Jimmy
7.Behind The Veil
8.Two Rivers
9.Star Cycle
10.Big Block

--5 minute intermission--

14.Led Boots
15.Diamond Dust
16.Hey Joe -with Jimmy
17.Manic Depression -with Jimmy
18.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/Brush With The Blues
19.Blue Wind


20.Earthquake/Blast From The East -with Jennifer
21.Going Down -with Jimmy and Jennifer
22.People Get Ready -with Jimmy
23.Over The Rainbow -Jeff and Jason
As you can see Jennifer has gone from playing on just 'Goin' Down' to also 'Earthquake/Blast From The East'. Speaking of Jennifer, here's a couple of photos she took from backstage. Thanks Jen!

Jeff and Jimmy in Sapporo

Jeff and Pino in Sapporo

Also, the Sony site mentions a guitar which included a metal plaque that Jeff made in his shop pulled in $6000 for charity in Los Angeles, very nice.

At some point our European mirror site will have a new URL! www.jeffbeck.ch! Not sure when it will happen though. We're going on vacation for a couple of weeks, see you when we get back.

August 10, 2005

The Japanese tour is still creating some buzz. Here are some recent Japanese guitar mag covers.

And speaking of guitar mags..the July issue of British guitar mag "Classic Rock" had a feature story on the making of "Truth".

Also jeffbeck.com has some cool stuff including a 'Japanese Tour Diary' written we are told by a teacher who is a fan and hitched a ride with the tour bus in Japan. Let it be known that 'The Jeff Beck Webpage' does not condone hitchhiking and finds it at worst to be BAD, at best Tenuous, and certainly DANGEROUS.

Also at jeffbeck.com there are pictures of the charity guitar (a Gibson SG) we mentioned in the last update as well as photos of Jeff making the plaque in his shop!

There was a special event the weekend of July 23rd. In attendance we've heard were among others; Jimmy Page, Sir Paul McCartney, Chrissie Hynde, Jennifer Batten, Jim McCarty and a who's who of British comedy actors including Vic Reeves and his lovely wife Nancy Sorrell, and of course Jeff and Sandra Jane.

At one point during the festivities an impromtu jam occured with what had to be any person's fantasy line-up. Jeff and Jimmy Page on guitars, Paul McCartney on bass and Jim McCarty on drums as well as the 'Big Town Playboy's' pianist. The songs played consisted of "Lucille", "Hi Ho Silver Lining" with a bit of "Train Kept A Rollin'" in the middle followed by Vic Reeves doing "I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts" accapella.

We were going to write about the event that spawned the jam but thought better of it when we recieved two items. One was a letter from Colin Corleone promising if we wrote anything he would come over to our houses with his henchmen and insist for 24 hours straight that he was the Godfather until we couldn't take it anymore and had to kick him out. The other letter came from the manager of The Glam Metal Detectives assuring us that if we uttered a peep that we would be made to sit and watch an entire GMD concert. Oh, Rollston Brocade, where are you when we need you?! Hah!

(Glam Metal Detectives was a BBC comedy series produced by Peter Richardson, Jeff played on the title track and a PAL VHS of three episodes is available at www.amazon.co.uk)

September 24, 2005

Sorry the updates haven't been more frequent but with hurricanes, work and other crises we haven't had the time. Pictures of what is being dubbed as 'Beck's Bash' last July are on Jennifer Batten's site, www.batten.com .

On the recording front Jeff is working on his own release due out by February, this according to the Japanese press during his recent tour. We've confirmed from several scources that Jeff told Patti Smith at the Meltdown Festival that he wanted ro record one of her late husband's songs. Patti was married to Fred "Sonic" Smith who was the guitarist and one of the original members of the MC5. That Detroit based group was probably the first real hard rockin' Heavy Metal band in the States most noted for their opening for Hendrix in 'in 69 and their timeless lyric "kick out the jams you mother @#$%s". After the MC5 folded Fred fronted a combination known as Sonic Rendevous who put out an obscure but highly cult regarded hard drivin' classic "City Slang." It was this tune that Jeff mentioned to Patti. Will it be recorded by Jeff? Will it be on his next Lp? Stay tuned. For a review of the Meltown festival featuring Jeff Beck and band doing the songs of Jimi Hendrix, stay tuned to new Beck Bulletin issue 13 where we will review the available performance.

Jeff's cut 'Ain't That Good News' on Les Paul's CD is great. And it seems Jeff not only appeared live at Tony Hymas' 'Ursus Minor' French gig in '03 but he is also to be found on 4 tracks from the group's studio release. The CD is out in Europe and Japan and so far the consensus from those that have it heard it is 'bizzarre'. 'Zugzwang' is a mix of jazz, soft diva soul and new age rock and rap but Jeff does some nice stuff on it. Interesting to note that one of Tony's tunes 'She Can't Explain' on the album was nicked by Jeff to complete his last Lp and renamed it 'Why Oh Lord Why'. It also explains why there is only piano when that track is promo'd on the Epic site...cause it was Tony and not Jeff. Look for more of a review of 'Zugzwang' in JBB #13.

Jeff is also guesting on Cyndi Lauper's latest CD 'The Body Acoustic' which will be dropped November 8th. Jeff is on the cut 'Above The Clouds'. The story behind the song...it was written by Jeff and Jed Leiber many years ago as an instrumental and was played to Cyndi after the LA Musicares show as she and Jeff were staying at the same hotel. She wrote lyrics and re-arranged the tune with Jed Leiber and Jeff put some new guitar on it in August.

Jeff also recorded some stuff for new John Peel tribute CD at the request of the Peel family. John Peel was a lengendary BBC 'announcer' as they say over there. Jeff laid down a track on the same day Robert Plant was recording some vocals for the project. Both Robert and Jeff also recorded interviews about their recollections about John that should air during a tribute to him at this years UK Music Hall of Fame Awards show this year.

Check out Jeff on Suzi Quatro's show on BBC2. She is currently doing a series on the pioneers of rock and the lastest subject, Gene Vincent is one near and dear to Jeff. You can listen to the show at; www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/r2music/documentaries/pioneers.shtml . Not sure when Jeff recorded his bit but towards the end of the show they play Gene's rendition of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow', not sure if this is where Jeff got the idea for his Japanese tour show closer.

Lastly, got an interesting email from London last month. A fellow was inquiring about contacting Jeff. Seems he claimed a friend of his had just shown him a 30 min tape himself and Jeff recorded in 1965 in the ticket office of Wimbledon Chase Railway Station in South London. Could be one of the first recorded indepth interviews of Jeff or just alot of prattle, not sure. But we've since learned the folks at the home office have heard about it and are showing some interest.

Be Seeing You....