Copyright 2019 Jim Belmont
  Photo By Jim Belmont
  We are back! 'We' being all of you and all of us, most of the the crew that contributed to the original Unofficial Jeff Beck Fan Site. Where were we and how did we get here with a NEW URL?

First, we are eternally grateful to the late Dick Wyzanski and Bill Armstrong for their years of work and particularly to Bill who is allowing us to continue this work and the legacy. They were pioneers in internet fan sites back before the days of search engines. You can see Bill's remarks on the main page, which  he also contributed as his final update to the site. We are all hoping he will continue to advise and drop in and hopefully share a show together.

Jeff Beck continues to be more relevant that ever and it is his genius and spirit of adventure along with our mutual love and respect, which will continue to power this site.

We will be announcing posting a list of contributors to the site and hope you come back to visit often. Stay Safe!