A.N.Other Jeff Beck Photo Gallery

Beck, Bogert & Appice Era

Photos by Bill Armstrong

Jeff with BBA at the Aquarius Theatre, Boston, MA, October 24, 1972

'95 Tour Pix

Photos by Dick Wyzanski and Bill Armstrong

Tools of the trade for the '95 summer tour

"Our Excellent Adventure" Dick Wyzanski, Jeff Beck, Bill Armstrong, Steve Rolley

Soundcheck, guitar tech Andy Roberts, Jeff and Terry

Soundcheck, Pino Pallidino and Tony Hymas

So, how does Jeff get that sound? Some massive effects rack right? Wrong, this is it. A Pro-Co Rat into an A/B switch which feeds either a 50W MKII Marshall or a '59 Reissue Bassman (which he doesn't use much), he also has onstage matching backup rigs. Delays/echos are added at the mixing board. I asked Andy Roberts, 'How does he do it?' Andy put his hand over his heart and said, 'It all comes from here.' Later in the tour he added a Boss Chorus to this setup and used it really only on "People Get Ready".

A morning after opening night get together. Tony Hymas, Jeff, road manager Alan Dutton and manager Ernest Chapman.

Soundcheck, check out Jeff's "NIGEL SAYS GO TO 11" T-shirt!

More of the same.

Dick Wyzanski with Jeff

Guitar Shop Tour, Rome, April 25, 1990

Photo by Sergio Pentimalli

Jeff Beck Group At The Boston Tea Party - May 7, 1969

Check out the Plush Amps, gee, you don't think it's loud do ya?

Courtesy Donald McClellan

Jeff presents Les Paul with an 82nd birthday present, June 9, 1997, at The Irridium Room, NYC

Courtesy Donald McClellan

Jeff Beck in Jaap Eden Hall, Amsterdam, July 5th, 1979. On tour with Stanley Clarke, Simon Phillips and Tony Hymas

Photos by Theo Lagarde

The pictures (as promised) of the Beck/Ligertwood sessions

Courtesy Alex Ligertwood

Yes, Jeff did use a Les Paul during the early Rough And Ready sessions. Also a nice collection of amps.

Jeff with Alex Ligertwood

Jeff Beck in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, October 17, 1998.

Jeff on stage

Jeff chillin'

Dick and Clive Chaman 5/20/00

Fillmore East, Courtesy Ed Chapero