BECK Collecktables

For any serious Jeff Beck fan their collection of old Yardbirds and solo era records and posters can be their most valuable possessions. They are for us here at the webpage anyway. So, someone mentioned to us that it might be cool to for collectors to share some of their valuables with other Beck fans so here's a new feature, Beck Collecktables. If you have any memorabilia you would like to share, scan it and email it to us along with a description or story about the piece and we'll slap it on the page.

Singles And Sleeves

First up a bunch of collectable Lp and Ep sleeves and singles. Photos courtesy Ed Chapero and Michael Carlucci

This record is very first one listed in our discography, a Chris Andrew's session Jeff did in 1964, "Too Bad You Don't Want Me" (UK).

This could very well be Jeff's first ever commercial recording. "That's My Story" released in 1965 by Nightshift is thought to have been recorded in 1962.

Five Yardbirds EP cover, Jeff's first release with the band (UK).

Heart Full Of Soul EP (FR).

Shapes Of Things single (FR).

Shapes Of Things EP (FR).

Over Under Sideways Down single (US).

Happening Ten Years Time Ago single (US).

Happening Ten Years Time Ago EP (FR).

Still I'm Sad EP (FR)

Love Is Blue single (UK).

Love Is Blue EP with back sides by the immortal skiffle artist Don Partridge? (UK).

Love Is Blue single (DEN).

Psycho Daisies single(GER).

Evil Hearted You single (GER).

Evil Hearted You EP (GER).

Got The Feeling single (GR).

Heart Full Of Soul single (IT).

I'm A Man single (GER).

Jeff's Boogie single (GER).

For Your Love single (GER)

Shapes Of Things single (GER).

Over Under Sideways Down EP (GER).

A Yardbirds EP (IT).

A Japanese EP.

A Japanese Yardbirds EP.

An Italian Yardbirds 'Shapes Of Things' 45.

An Italian Yardbirds 'For Your Love' 45 .

An Italian Yardbirds 'Over Under Sideways Down' EP.

A very rare Swedish 'For Your Love' LP, front cover, with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

The back cover of the above LP.

The CD single of 'People Get Ready' (thanks Roger Bowerman).

The CD single of Buddy Guy's 'Mustang Sally' (ditto).

From the collection of Nils Eriksson....a 1967 Tallyman single.

Courtesy Ed Chapero and Michael Carlucci....this is the disc and sleeve to the Kim Milford, JBG MKII mentioned in JBB #10.

The Dutch LP version of BBA Live in Japan.

A Dutch version of the Hi Ho Silver Lining single.

A Dutch version of the Tallyman single.

Some Jeff Beck Poster Art

From time to time we come across or are sent some nice Jeff Beck poster art. Some of it appears in other place on the page but here we've put all we got together for your perusal.

This first three comes courtesy of Michael Einhaus. Michael says both of the Fillmore posters are available in the U.S. at Artrock in San Francisco or Psychedelic Solution in New York City. Thanks again!

The Fillmore West, July 23rd 1968 with Moby Grape.

The Fillmore West, December 5th & 6th 1968 with Spirit. (I got this one too, my big sister bought for me in '69 from a shop in Cambridge, Mass. BA)

Frankfurt Kongrehalle, Frankfurt Germany April 8th, 1972 by German artist Gunther Kieser.

A nice montage a fan made of European Tour stuff.

A '98 Tour poster from Germany.

A South American Tour poster of the Free Jazz Festival in Brazil.

A '99 Tour poster for San Diego, CA.

A poster for the upcoming '99 Japan Tour.

A poster for the '89 Jeff/Stevie Ray Tour.

A poster from the Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI

A poster for Jeff Beck & Zephyer

A poster for Jeff Beck & Others at the Oakland Stadium

A poster for Jeff Beck in Houston

A poster for Jeff Beck & Willy Porter at the 9:30 Club

Odds & Ends

A Stevie Ray Vaughan/Jeff Beck 1989 Tour Promo Pic.

A ticket from Jeff Beck at Pompano Beach, FL, August 17, 1999. When they said 'rain or shine' they weren't kidding! Thanks, Frank Ferrigno.

A souvenir 'Beckology' guitar pick.

A collection of souvenir 'Who Else?' guitar picks.

A one of a kind Jeff Beck doll, referred to as "GI Jeff".

An old Plush amplifier promo poster (we're hoping to get a better copy soon).

From our bud Roger Bowerman the following four miscellaneous tidbits....first, a There And Back EP.

A 'The Fire And The Fury' promo CD from Jeff's 1989 tour with Stevie Ray Vaughn.

The cover from the CD single of 'Wild Thing' (UK).

This is a pick that Jeff dropped at the Hammersmith Odeon on July 29, 1990. The pick denotes Jeff's work ethic...'Just Do Your Job'.

A ticket stub from Jeff's '99 show at the Shepard's Bush Empire.

This giant pick (it's actually larger than pictured was included in some of Paul Rodgers' 'Muddy Water Blues' CD. Thanks Gonzo Cotto.

This magazine cover comes from Colin Moss from Lincoln, UK. This 'Beat Instrumental' mag is from 1967. Also in the issue is a column by Keith Moon where he reports that he played on Jeff's 'Becks Bolero' along with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

In the mid-sixties Jeff wrote a column in the magazine 'Beat Instrumental'. He did this for over six months worth of's one.

A promo photo from 1971 for Sunn amps.

A 'Hi Ho' era magazine photo...very smart.

Street Rodder magazine cover.

Keith Relf and Jeff on the cover of Rave magazine.

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Program for the Yardbirds' induction.

Tourbooks, tourbooks, tourbooks......
US 1966 Tour....autographed w/Jeff bio.

Stones 1966 UK tour w/Yardbirds on the bill.

Dick Clark US tour.....Beck quits.

First JBG UK tour.

1972 US tour....Carnegie Hall.

Beck/Hammer 1976 Australia Tour Program (last time he was there).

US ARMS Tourbook.

FLASH tour program....Japan.

Jeff/Stanley Clarke Japanese tour program.

THERE AND BACK Japanese tour program.

From the collection of Nils Eriksson from autographed promo pick from 1966.

This is pretty ad for the 'Strings And Things' music store in Memphis, TN circa the 1970's, maybe from when he was in Memphis doing the 'Orange' album, not sure. Courtesy Ed Chapero and Michael Carlucci. The first overall pic is a little small and hard to see but the following closeups give you an idea of the ad.

This is a Yardbirds' performance contract from 1965. Check out Gorgio Gomelsky's signature at the bottom. Again thanks Ed and Michael.

The official Epic promo pic for 'Jeff'.

The promo pick that came with the Japanese release of 'Jeff'.